Frequently Asked Questions

My company blocks Dropbox. Can I use TextDrop?

Yes you can! From a computer that can access (e.g. your home computer), go to your account page and create a password under Password-based login. This will create a secret link you will need to email to yourself at work and use to login.

Why do you need full Dropbox authorization?

The site is designed to be edit all text files in your Dropbox. You have my word that none of your data will be misappropriated (see the Privacy Policy for more info).

Why do I get logged out of Dropbox when I log out of TextDrop?

If there is an active Dropbox session still open, any attempt to re-open a file in TextDrop will result in an automatic authorization to Dropbox, giving anyone access to all your files. We log you out of Dropbox automatically as a security precaution.

I see no files in my directory, but I know there are files there!

TextDrop hides files that it is fairly certain are not text files. If you know otherwise, please let me know the extension of the file. You can also manually type in the path to the file in your address bar, e.g.

TextDrop 4.0.9