Everyone loves TextDrop

"It is fast and works flawlessly."
- MacDrifter

"If you spend any time sitting at a 'work PC', this is an absolute no-brainer."
- MacSparky

"Highly recommended."
- Merlin Mann

"a great web-based text editor for Dropbox"
- @viticci

"With the declining popularity of webapps nowadays, finding one that works as well as TextDrop is truly like finding a diamond in the rough."
- GridWriter

"Best web MMD editor I've found, by far."
- @AncientToaster

"Markdown, @TextDropApp and @Dropbox are the ultimate combination for note taking."
- @monodot

"out of any app (native or web) on any platform, I use TextDrop the most."
- @rrawb

"#nvAlt + @notesy + @TextDropApp + @Dropbox = super sweet plain text workflow across all my devices"
- @morhekil

"a handy way to keep a plain text to-do list"
- Lifehacker

"Where you can write...on the web with apps like TextDrop"
- Fast Company

"...something I’ve wanted for quite some time."
- Web.AppStorm

"a great alternative when working on a computer without your Dropbox account"
- GridWriter

"the final weapon of mass writing for me."
- Nines Writes

"Very impressed with Text Drop app - can read my txt and markdown files across multiple Dropbox folders"
- @MaverickNY

"al ofrecernos la posibilidad de editar los archivos de texto de nuestra cuenta de Dropbox"
- Willy Klew

"You can use it for just about anything you write."
- Techerator

"quick and dirty text editing"
- Scott Nesbitt

"never was writing so simple. Genius idea"
- @hellotom

"Lovely use of Dropbox...this is why Dropbox is winning"
- @joewesthead

"totally adoring http://textdropapp.com"
- @Steffest

TextDrop 4.0.9